Lehdykkä – Syntaksis ry’s guild magazine

Lehdykkä is Syntaksis ry’s guild magazine, which is published four times per year. You can find the magazine from our guild room.

If you have any ideas, articles, drawings, comics or photos, that you would like to see in Lehdykkä, you can send it to us to lehdykka(at)syntaksis.org

Please check out the sending instructions below.

Editorial staff’s 1920’s party / Picture: Aleksi Takala

Instructions for Lehdykkä materials and files

Send pictures and texts in different files. File names should be clear and describe the content. Text files must be in .doc format and pictures in .jpg format

1. Lehdykkä will be also distributed outside our guild room. It can be found from staff’s coffee rooms, other guild’s guild rooms and other biology guilds in Finland. Keep that in mind, when producing content.
2. Use only one enter-press between paragraphs. Don’t style the text or use any special fonts or emojis.
3. Place a header and writer’s name or nickname in the beginning. Also if you have any wishes for styling, put them there. If there’s photos in your article, add captions.

1. Image files must be large enough. Please don’t use photos from Facebook, Instagram or other social media because of the image compression. 
2. Please notice the copyright laws and don’t publish photos of people without their consent. 

We gladly take your drawings or comics in this era of photographs. Please scan your work and send it to our editor in chief.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Remember that your stories are always welcome.
Send your material to lehdykka(at)syntaksis.org