Syntaksis excursion rules

  1. Create good spirit and atmosphere among others

Be kind and respect everyone. Take care of yourself and people around you. Make sure no one is left alone or outsider. Remember that while wearing overalls you represent the guild – behave properly. Have fun, but always remember to consider everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

  1. Discrimination and bullying are strictly forbidden

We have zero tolerance about discrimination and bullying in Syntaksis ry. Everyone has the right to be themselves and we respect that. 

  1. Physical and psychological violence is strictly forbidden

We have zero tolerance about any kind of violence in Syntaksis ry. Person who behaves violently can be asked to leave immediately. The guild’s board also imposes a ban of events to that person for certain timespan. 

  1. Harassment is strictly forbidden

We have zero tolerance about harassment in Syntaksis ry. As a result of such behaviour, the person can be removed immediately. The guild’s board also imposes a ban of events to that person for certain timespan.

  1. You are obligated to pay for the damage that you have made

If you cause or witness some damage, immediately inform the event organisers. The person who makes the damage is obligated to pay for it, including clean-up fees.

  1. Intervene improper behaviour

Require proper behaviour from others and intervene you witness improper behaviour. Please inform the event organiser or guilds SOPO (socio-political minister) or anyone in guilds board about improper behaviour.

  1. In case of emergency call 112
  1. Hiking in free time (Concerning Freshmen excursion)

It is allowed to adventure freely, but you must obey following instructions: It is forbidden to go alone anywhere, except for the marked routes in Oulanka national park and you have to tell your friend where you are going, and you have to be reachable all the time. It is not allowed to go anywhere else without a friend. Oulanka is in the middle of nowhere which means it is very dangerous to get lost. It also causes stress for the event organisers if you are not reachable via call or text. There isn’t cellular signal everywhere in which means extra danger regarding getting lost, since you necessary can’t call for help or check map applications.

  1. Alcohol (Concerning Freshmen excursion)

If you notice someone being too drunk in a place that is accident prone, for example sauna, kota, or swimming, notice someone in guilds board, event organiser or your exchange student instructor. From above mentioned places it is allowed to remove the person, if they are too drunk. If the person does not co-operate, it is seen as breaking of the rules. 

Breaking of the rules results in a ban from guild events for a time period determined by the board.