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Syntaksis ry, which is also known as the biology guild,  is the organization for biology students studying in the University of Oulu. The guild tries to unite the biology students, watch over their interests in areas related to the studies and to keep contact with other student organizations (inside the University of Oulu or biology organizations around the world). The guild has its own administration, which is responsible for organizing the activities. You can always ask more information about everything from biology guild's administration (syntaksis-hallitus[at]lists.oulu.fi). The administration, however, does not comprise the guild, the guild consists of all the biology students, forming a tight society.

To join the biology guild, we have an entrance fee of 20 euros. Once you have paid this amount, you will be forever part of this society. The paid money is used only in guilds action. You may then take part in the organized happenings with reduction of the entrance fee or the transportation costs. Or join the free sport turns, which are held weekly. Guild also owns some sport equipment, which are in access for the students. The equipment is found in the guild room. The guild room, Kiltis, is located downstairs in the biology hall. This is a place where you can enjoy the company of other students or buy a cup of coffee or tea for a reasonable prize. There is also a fridge and a microwave oven you can use for your own packed lunch.

The guild organizes a bunch of activities around the academic year, from cleaning bird nests to sauna-evenings and parties. Sometimes the parties are organized in co-operation with other guilds. In autumn we introduce the first year students to the biologist’s life by taking them to an excursion for a weekend. In spring we clean the nests and build new homes for birds. Each semester, the nightclub Kaarle is reserved for a big theme party. Also the traditional events, Christmas and Vappu (the first of May) are celebrated amongst the biology society. On the first of May the biosociety also organizes a children’s happening, Vappuvinpa, with for example face painting and a ghost train. Once in a year the finnish biology students all gather in a university-city. We try to arrange excursions to these gatherings. Also a bigger excursion is planned in the end of the year to visit environmental destinations with many new habitats and species in a nature loving company. Welcome to be a part of the biology society in Oulu!


Becoming a Member

To join the guild, the only thing to do is to pay the membership fee. For master's degree students it is 20 euros and for exchange students only 5 euros. Go to your online bank and follow the instructions below. (If you want to pay with cash contact our treasurer Jan Harju (jan.harju@student.oulu.fi).

Bank account number: FI31 5741 3620 1323 70
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