About Syntaksis ry & becoming a member

Becoming a Member

Guild membership is acquired by paying the Syntaksis ry membership fee, which is 5 euros for exchange students and 20 euros for master's degree students. Syntaksis ry membership is required for participation in the guild's events. Guild members are required to follow the guild's rules.

Go to your online bank and follow the instructions below. (If you want to pay with cash contact our treasurer Jan Harju (jan.harju@student.oulu.fi).

Bank account number: FI31 5741 3620 1323 70
Recipient: Syntaksis ry
Text field: [your name] Membership fee

1. Collected data and usage of data

Syntaksis ry collects information required by law for the membership register (complete name and place of residence). Membership register is stored on a Universitys OneDrive server located in EU. Administrator for the membership register is the guild's treasurer. The guild's board members have the right to inspect data collected in the register.

2. Rights and duties of the registred

According to the GDPR, a member has the right to ask for data collected of himself/herself and ask for the correction of incorrect data. A member has right to ask for the deletion of unneccessary data of himself/herself (the right to be forgotten). It is the duty of a member to take care that his/her data is up to date.